Kendrick is a platform for epidemiological modeling and analysis.
It helps epidemiologists craft custom analyses cheaply.
It's based on Pharo and MOOSE. It's open source under BSD/MIT.
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Install Kendrick. It's easy.

Kendrick is built on top of Pharo, the young cool kid in the object-oriented languages arena, MOOSE the platform for software/data analysis and Roassal, the agile visualization engine. As with any Pharo application, you run it by executing the image containing the Kendrick code with the Pharo VM.

Kendrick 0.37 beta image

Download the Kendrick 0.37 beta image.

Run it with the Pharo Virtual Machine.

Kendrick 0.37 code

Download the Kendrick code in a Pharo 5.0 image:

Gofer new
   url: '';
   configurationOf: 'Kendrick';
   loadVersion: '0.37'

Kendrick is a community. Get involved.

The Kendrick project started in 2013 at UMMISCO research team (IRD/UPMC). Its original goal was to build a Domain-Specific Language and Simulation Plaform for mathematical epidemiology modeling. At the moment, differents epidemiological concerns are already managed: deterministic, stochastic and individual-based modeling, structured compartiments, multi-species and multi-hosts populations, patch models, network of contacts and mobility patterns. Its development is currently supported by several contributors in France and Vietnam.

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Read the Kendrick chapter in the Agile Visualization book.


Dr. Serge Stinckwich

Bui Thi Mai Anh

Cheikhou Oumar Ka

Fabrice Atrevi

Nick Papoulias

Dr. Mikal Ziane

Dr. Benjamin Roche

Dr. Ho Tuong Vinh